preparing for free range

3rd-6th July, The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane! (private view 2nd July) The big piece was selected, however need to find a new way of hanging as apparently the private view gets a bit busy and I don't want it getting ripped! Exciting stuff...

Also sold book to Coventry University Library's artists collection which means people can access it! Which makes me very proud indeed.


the process itself

Time-lapse video of me working on one of the pieces for the degree show.



Second brace finished, much more intricate than the first. 
Very happy with the result and hung alongside the other brace gives more indication of what the object really looks like.


more brace-cutting

As the first brace image is a bit baffling to viewers, I decided to do another cut of the brace but from a different angle. Not only this but I decided to draw it as it would appear if it were on my leg. Its viewed from the front so this along with the side/flat view should look quite technical and interesting. 


another knee-inspired cut

2/3 of the series I want for the degree show. Very different from the first one which I quite like. I used the same process of selecting a part of an arthroscopy photo, drawing and rotating and then cutting out selected parts. The decorative element alongside the original source of the image I think makes an interesting comparison.


the new-improved catalogue image

Unfortunately there was a problem with the original images getting printed, so we all had to simplify them! This is my new one, which I think looks more striking than the old one. So not all bad...


The large fabriano piece is finally finished, and has taken about 2 months in total! very pleased with the outcome, I just need to figure out how to install it to the best effect.


nearly finished...

Only a few more patterns to go, then I can start cutting the parts in the middle. Have also made the brackets to hang the piece so the whole thing should be finished soon!